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24 hours a day, Newsgetter monitors the web's top news sites, collects the stories and feeds them every ten minutes right to your smartphone as a simple, single news feed, most recent stories first.

Then, next time you're waiting in line someplace or hanging around waiting for something or someone, pop open Newsgetter and catch up on the events of the world.

A simple feed for complicated times
The Newsgetter news feed shows you the headline, source, and date for each story.

See a story that interests you? Tap the headline and you'll get a tidy summary of the story, including a picture and key words, exactly as provided by the news source.

Want to read the whole article? No problem! Tap "Go to Article" and read the entire article right on their web site.

Next time you're waiting in line someplace or hanging around waiting for something or someone, it's Newsgetter time!

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If you want to use Newsgetter, point your smartphone's web browser at Once inside Newsgetter, be sure to save it to your smartphone's home screen for the full effect! Newsgetter is free.

Preview Newsgetter on your Computer
Preview requires javascript and emulates the smartphone by opening a new, small window.

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"I like that you can see a little of the story then click through."

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How to Get Newsgetter

1 On your smartphone, go to and click "Launch Newsgetter Now"

2 When Newsgetter opens, be sure to select the option to "Add" Newsgetter to your home screen. (Varies by platform.)

3 Then, Newsgetter will behave almost like any other app.

4 Inside Newsgetter, you are presented with a list of the most recent stories.

5 Tap a headline to see more, exactly as provided by the source.

6 Tap "Go to Story" and go right to the full story on the publisher's web site.